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Sympathy From…Rush Limbaugh???

Not much time to write this week, but I just had to post this from Salon.com.  Apparently, couched in the midst of a rant about Chelsea Clinton’s new job with NBC, Rush Limbaugh said this:

So here you have a very prominent member of the 1 percent who flaunts that membership of the 1 percent greasing the skids for a child who’s unqualified and inexperienced.  What does that say to all these people with all of these thousands of dollars in student loans, desperately trying, they think, to get jobs to pay off their student loans?  They think the game is stacked against them.  They think that the rules are rigged, that people like them are shut out, don’t have a chance.

I feel like I’m living in bizarro world.  Even more disconcerting – I actually agree with his position on the Chelsea Clinton thing as well.



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