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“It’s either take care of my daughter…or pay student loans.” – Terri’s Student Loan Story

November 10, 2008 Leave a comment

As a child, Terri Crothers dreamed of becoming a photojournalist, but her parents – a parts buyer for a large department store and a distribution/receiving specialist for a vehicle manufacturer – were worried about her financial prospects. “My folks believed I couldn’t make any money doing that and encouraged me to try something else,” she says.  So when Terri entered a junior college directly out of high school, she took a course in chemistry, thinking she might go into the medical field and then switched to business.  Neither clicked, and after a year, Terri left school and worked for several years at jobs she describes as “good paying but intellectually disabling.”   Read more…


“We have served our sentence…” – Louise and Paul’s Student Loan Story

November 7, 2008 Leave a comment

When Louise* decided to go to college, she knew she was on her own and she planned accordingly.  Her parents had a rocky marriage, ultimately ending in divorce, and though they would have liked to help her with her education, they didn’t have the money.   “As a college student, I took out minimal student loans for fear of debt,” she says.  “I went to a SUNY school so the cost would be low.  I sometimes worked three and four jobs to cover my expenses.”  Read more…