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“It’s either take care of my daughter…or pay student loans.” – Terri’s Student Loan Story

November 10, 2008 Leave a comment

As a child, Terri Crothers dreamed of becoming a photojournalist, but her parents – a parts buyer for a large department store and a distribution/receiving specialist for a vehicle manufacturer – were worried about her financial prospects. “My folks believed I couldn’t make any money doing that and encouraged me to try something else,” she says.  So when Terri entered a junior college directly out of high school, she took a course in chemistry, thinking she might go into the medical field and then switched to business.  Neither clicked, and after a year, Terri left school and worked for several years at jobs she describes as “good paying but intellectually disabling.”   Read more…


“I Started Living in My Car…” – Peter’s Student Loan Story

November 6, 2008 Leave a comment

Peter O’Lalor has had a difficult life by any standard. In 1960, when he was just three years old, his mother was forced to put he and his four siblings in an orphanage. A series of foster homes followed, though he was returned once, at age ten, to his mother and lived with her for a year until she passed away.

By the time he reached his third foster home, Peter says, “I was an elective mute.” Despite his difficulties, however, Peter was an intellectual child. He read adult-level books – “My first book, at age seven, was the biography of Deborah Sampson, the woman who impersonated a man to fight in the Revolutionary war,” he remembers – and he excelled at art. He was an altar boy for seven years and once dreamed of becoming a Franciscan Friar. Read more…