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A Note to High School Students

In looking over my blog stats, I noticed that I was getting many hits for searches around the theme of “Should I take out loans to go to college?,” and I wanted to give my perspective on this to both ease fears and advise caution to current high school students who might be worrying about the financial implications of their education.

Just so it’s clear, even in the midst of my own tremendous debt, I still believe that a college education is a worthwhile “purchase.”  In general, college graduates make more money than high school graduates who didn’t go to college.  Additionally, studies have shown that college graduates have higher self-esteem, are more likely to stay married, are more likely to vote, and are more likely to enjoy other benefits than high school graduates.  Read more…


Jobs You Can’t Afford – Chef

November 7, 2008 Leave a comment

One of my chief reasons for starting this blog was to highlight how much our career choices are affected by student loan debt.  As The Nation once suggested, student loans have everything to do with social control, but it doesn’t always work out for the betterment of society:

How many young people turn away from low-paying but vital professions because they can’t earn enough to pay back their loans? How many potential social workers, pro bono lawyers, journalists, environmentalists, teachers, artists, secondary medical professionals and community workers are we losing?

Thus, I have decided to begin a new series – Jobs You Can’t Afford.  Here I will tell the stories, culled both from my own interviews and other sources, of the many career options that are closed to people with large amounts of student loans.  I will tell both the stories of people who have had to give up dreams and the stories of people who wouldn’t – and suffered as a result. Read more…