If you are interested in being interviewed on this web page about your student loan story, please contact

  1. February 15, 2010 at 9:54 am

    I am single mother who took out student loans before 1998. I had 3 years at a university and never finished my degree, my student loans are now with a collection agency and they have assigned penalties and fees totaling 119,000!

    We have created a website called: Contact us on and tell us your story. We need to do more than complain. We need to get a petition going to give our debt the same rights as all other debt is entitled in this country. It is unconstitutional for the Government to entitle themselves to be lenders, collectors and decision makers of the law pertaining to the same debt they are attempting to collect. There are real life situations that keep many of us from paying our student loans back. We need a realistic approach by Government to these issues.

    Contact us on the hotmail address above and let’s try to get Congress to listen to our pleas for help!

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